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Nozomi Yumehara ([personal profile] kettei) wrote2011-12-27 04:11 pm

ashfkshg KAREN-SAN!!

Is it true?! You have a girlfriend?!?!?!
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That's... one of the things we needed to talk about.

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Talk to me! Talk to me~! Is it Komachi-san?! Oh, but wait, she has Nattsu...


Ah! Kurumi~!
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No, no, it's someone from DDD. [Although if Nozomi could see her face right now, she'd know Kurumi was actually not a bad guess.]

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Oooh I gotcha~! One of the blog-people!

There aren't a lotta girls around, though...but you've always seemed to get admiration from girls more than guys, haven't you, Karen-san? ♥
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Well, that's true, I suppose...

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So! What were you gonna tell me? Spill, spill!!
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That was the main thing, that I have a girlfriend here. Her name is Minako.

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Miiiinakooo...[Nozomi tries that name out.] That's a pretty name! Is she pretty?
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Very pretty. Tall, blue eyes, long blond hair. [Why yes, she is proud.]

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She can't be prettier than you, though Karen-san!
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...well, I think she's prettier, anyway.

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[Nozomi is in awe.]

This I gotta see!
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I'll be sure to introduce you, then. You really think I'm pretty?


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[Nasuti enthusiastically nods.]

Of course! Doesn't everyone?
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Re: [voice]

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I don't... well, I suppose...

[Do you hear her awkwardness she is not used to compliments like this coming from people she maaaay have had a bit of a crush on at some point]


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[That's Nozomi for you! Cure Oblivious! Heehee...]

You're just being too modest! If you had as much confidence in your appearance as you did in getting the job done, you'd be unstoppable! ♥
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I. Well. Ah. Thank you, Nozomi.

[Cure Obliviously Merciless.]


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You bet! So when do I get to meet her? At the New Year's Party? You're coming, right?
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That's my plan. [Once her mun gets off his ass and posts there.] You're coming, too, right?


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Heehee of course! I'm so there!